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Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. Benefits Of Mailmark

    About Mailmark

    Mailmark gives businesses an extra way in which they frank mail. Mailmark is a service by the Royal Mail which they have heavily invested in. Mailmark is now available all across the UK when using a Mailmark franking machine. By using Mailmark you will get many extra benefits, including cheaper mail prices. A Mailmark franking machine will also allow you to frank a 2D barcode onto your mail.

    The Benefits Of Mailmark

     There are many benefits of using Mailmark these include, getting the maximum postal discounts, you will also be able to connect your franking machine via your local area network (LAN) making the machine much faster. There is also an improved professional image which will be franked onto the mail you are sending. Also with Mailmark, you will be able to give your mail a professional finish by franking your company logo onto your mail, you will also be able to frank your return address onto your mail

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  2. Franking Machine Warehouse Refill & Reset Service

    About Refill & Reset Service

    At Franking Machine Warehouse we offer a reliable refill & reset service. Royal Mail have performed extensive tests on our ink which we use in the service which including many thousands of impressions from most of the Franking Machines available in the market today in addition to models dating back up to 10 years. All impressions were tested to meet readability and compatibility criteria for recognition by the Royal Mails high speed IMP / ILSM sorting machines. Before testing, all Approved cartridges gained CE approval and accreditation as part of the very stringent Royal Mail approval process.

    How it works

    First of all you will need to add a refill and reset product to your checkout, Once you have done this proceed to the checkout. When you have filled in all the necessary information you will need to print a copy of your receipt and send your empty cartridge to: Franking Machine Warehouse, PO Box 4, Cann

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  3. What is Smart Meter Technology?

    Smart Meter franking technology is an older piece of technology that is now available in all modern franking machines as standard. It is not available in many older machines, which includes the Neopost IJ range and the older Pitney Bowes Paragon range of franking machines, but is now very important for businesses, especially if you use VAT services and products.

    Smart Meter Technology

    Smart Meter technology is integrated in some franking machines and basically gives the franking machine 'smarter' abilities. These abilities allow you to use more services, frank in improved franking machine ink and it tracks what has been used.

    If you business uses VAT services and products then a smart franking machine is always required. This is because smart meter technology gives users access to all of these services, whilst tracking exactly what has been used. Once VAT has been applied the franking machine will store this data and allow you to reclaim any paid VAT. This

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