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Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine

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Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine

This is the newest heavy duty franking machine by Neopost. Recommended for those sending over 1000 items per day.

The Neopost IS6000c franking machine was released in order to replace the IS5000 & IS6000 franking machine series. The Neopost IS6000c franking machine is the newest heavy duty franking machine from Neopost. It is suitable for any business that franks large volumes of mail every day. It is the perfect machine to handle the smaller loads of mail as well as the large. It uses an automatic feeding and removal system, which can process mail at a top speed of 260 letters per minute.

  • Speed = 260 Letters per minute
  • Envelope Size = DL, C5 & C4
  • Feed Method = Automatic Feeding
  • Dimensions = L: 1500mm, H: 360mm, W: 640mm
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness = 20mm
  • Scale Option = 3, 5 or 10kg

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