Measure the Differences of Entry Level Franking Machines

  • Pitney Bowes DM50 Franking Machine (frank up to 20 a minute)

    Pitney Bowes DM50 franking machine Specifications & Options

    • 20 franks a minute
    • Optional 2.5 kg scale
    • Manual feed method
  • Mailcoms Mailstart Plus Franking Machine (frank up to 20 a minute)

    Mailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine Specifications & Options

    • 30 franks a minute
    • Built in 2.5 kg scale
    • Manual feed
  • Neopost IS280 Franking Machine (frank up to 20 a minute)

    Neopost IS280 franking machine Specifications & Options

    • 20 franks a minute
    • Built in 2 kg scale
    • Manual feed method
  • Frama Matrix F12 Franking Machine (frank up to 21 a minute)

    Frama Matrix F12 franking machine Specifications & Options

    • 21 franks a minute
    • Built in 2 kg scale
    • Manual feed method

Your Franking Machine Expectations & Needs

To help you choose the perfect grand spanking new postage meter that’s just perfect for you, we have prepared categories below which might help you choose and browse better throughout the different machines.

  • Your Franking Machine Speed Recommendations

    Below you will find that we have organised the machines that we recommended for your needs of mail preparation by time. Both by the minute and on the average mail day.

    • Produce up to 50 prints a day
      If you need to produce on average of up to 50 letters a day with prints then we propose these;

      • The Mailstart Plus – Suited for 20-50 prints and capable of 25 a minute.
      • The Mailbase – Ideal for 30-60 prints a day and impressioning speed of 30.

      Producing up to 500 impressions a day
      Average daily requirements of up to 500 customers are suggested this machine;

      • The Mailbase Speed – Immediately ideal for 250-500 prints at a pace of 95.
    • Producing 250 prints a day
      Need of composing on average of up to 250 letters a day with impressions then we nominate these;

      • The Mailbase Pro – Befitting for 50-120 prints and capable of 35 a minute.
      • The Mailbase Plus – Suitable for 100-250 prints a day and a printing speed of 65.

      Producing up to or more than 1000 impressions
      Extremely high preparing needs, need extreme machines such as this one;

      • The Connect Plus 1000 – Hands down the best for 800 or more prints at a momentum of 120.
  • This Weeks featured franking machine recommendation!

    Ultimate low tier postage printing machine

    Low Volume Postage Franking Machine Speed of 20 a minute!
    Smart Blue printing
    VAT reporting ready!
    Mailmark Compliant

    Read about this weeks recommendation.

    Our Mailmark™ franking machine choice of the month

    Mailmark Postage Franking Machine
    Printing speed of 65
    Mailmark Compatible
    Smart blue ready

    Read more about this months Mailmark choice.

Franking Machine Warehouse Versus Other Suppliers and the Manufacturers

  • Pro’s of the franking machine warehouse

    • Guaranteed lowest cost quote.
    • UK based specialists.
    • Immediate support and response.
    • Choice of machine.
    • You choose how you pay.
    • Royal Mail Authorised supplier and maintainer.
  • Cons of going via a manufacturer / supplier

    • Full retail price on machines.
    • Lack of support.
    • Can only use original Ink.
    • Pushing you towards getting a more expensive machine
    • Overpriced franking ink cartridges & labels.
    • No local service.
  • Franking Machine Warehouse Company Video Demonstration