Royal Mail Mailmark Technology

During 2014 the Royal Mail released their brand new franking initiative Mailmark. This Mailmark™ technology has had over 70 million pounds put into it and in 2014 it was seen as the future of franking. Now in 2020, many businesses across the UK have migrated to the new Mailmark service, reaping the many benefits that come with it. Mailmark enables the use of new features and allows a more professional image to be franked and portrayed to the customer. The Royal Mail believed it would be a huge success among franking machine users and this has proven to be the case. Mailmark offers users a new 2D barcode when franking and much lower franking rates which can only be accessed with a Mailmark compliant franking machine.

What Is Mailmark™?

Mailmark is the latest and most recent piece of franking technology that is now accessible in almost all modern franking machines. With Mailmark, instead of franking the traditional circular ‘town and crown’ die, users will instead frank a 2D barcode. This enables franking customers and the Royal Mail to improve the way mail is processed. See an example barcode below to see what means what:

Mailmark Franking Impression Example

The Potential Mailmark Benefits

  • Gain access to and use much lower franking rates. Compare the rates below and see how much you can save.
  • A brand new and cleaner 2D barcode is franked instead of a town and crown die, improving your professional business image.
  • Receive automatic postage updates whenever Royal Mail opt to change them. Always be paying the right price for your mail.
  • Access a brand new range of extra Royal Mail products and services.
  • No more Royal Mail surcharges.

Royal Mail Mailmark compatible franking machines

Below you will be able to see a complete list of Mailmark compatible franking machines. This range includes Quadient, Neopost, Pitney Bowes, Frama and FP Mailing Mailmark compatible franking machines. Simply click on a franking machine to find out more about that Mailmark enabled machine.

Neopost Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines

Quadient Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines

Mailcoms Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines

Frama Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines

FP Mailing Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines

Mailmark Vs Stamps

Compare the latest 2024 Royal Mail stamp prices to the latest 2024 Royal Mail Mailmark prices and see how much extra you could be saving with Mailmark franking. See both first class and second class 2024 postage rates.

1st Class Postage Rates
Size Weight up to and including Stamp Prices Mailmark™ Prices Savings
Letter 0-100g £1.35 £1.26 6.67%
Large Letter 0-100g £2.10 £1.82 13.33%
101-250g £2.90 £2.57 11.38%
251-500g £3.50 £3.30 5.71%
501-750g £3.50 £3.30 5.71%
Small Parcel 0-1kg £4.59 £4.29 6.54%
1-2kg £4.59 £4.29 6.54%
Medium Parcel 0-1kg £6.69 £6.09 8.97%
1-2kg £6.69 £6.09 8.97%
2-5kg £8.39 £7.79 7.15%
5-10kg £8.39 £7.79 7.15%
10-20kg £12.49 £11.89 4.80%
2nd Class Postage Rates
Size Weight up to and including Stamp Prices Mailmark™ Prices Savings
Letter 0-100g 85p 80p 5.88%
Large Letter 0-100g £1.55 £1.25 19.35%
101-250g £2.10 £1.76 16.19%
251-500g £2.50 £2.30 8.00%
501-750g £2.70 £2.50 7.41%
Small Parcel 0-1kg £3.69 £3.49 5.42%
1-2kg £3.69 £3.49 5.42%
Medium Parcel 0-1kg £5.89 £5.29 10.19%
1-2kg £5.89 £5.29 10.19%
2-5kg £7.39 £6.79 8.12%
5-10kg £7.39 £6.79 8.12%
10-20kg £10.99 £10.39 5.46%