What is Smart Meter Technology?

Smart Meter franking technology is an older piece of technology that is now available in all modern franking machines as standard. It is not available in many older machines, which includes the Neopost IJ range and the older Pitney Bowes Paragon range of franking machines, but is now very important for businesses, especially if you use VAT services and products.

Smart Meter Technology

Smart Meter technology is integrated in some franking machines and basically gives the franking machine 'smarter' abilities. These abilities allow you to use more services, frank in improved franking machine ink and it tracks what has been used.

If you business uses VAT services and products then a smart franking machine is always required. This is because smart meter technology gives users access to all of these services, whilst tracking exactly what has been used. Once VAT has been applied the franking machine will store this data and allow you to reclaim any paid VAT. This can save you a lot of money over the course of the year and prove very beneficial.

As well as this key benefit, smart meter technology also allows you to frank mail in smart blue ink. This will help improve the visual look of your mail and as such improve the professional image your business portrays. Smart Meter technology is an older but very important piece of technology. If you would like to benefit from this service then take a gander at the most recent range of franking machines here.