Royal Mail Redirection Service Postage Rates

Below you will be able to view the most recent Royal Mail Redirection Service prices for 2024 / 2025. These are the most up to date Redirection Service postage rates and will come into effect on 2nd April 2024.

If you are moving premises, this service ensures you’re still receiving mail when you move. It's the right choice for your business if you:

– are moving your entire business from a premises but want to continue to receive mail sent to your former address.

– want your mail to follow you to your new address, even if the move is only temporary, both within the UK or abroad.

– want to redirect your mail for up to four years (or six months for PO Box® addresses).

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The Royal Mail's Redirection Service will redirect all your mail to your new address. This can also help prevent identity theft.

Redirection Business Prices 2024
Duration UK (VAT Exempt)
Up to 3 months £261.00
Up to 6 months £387.50
Up to 12 months £627.00

PLEASE NOTE: Royal Mail require five days to process your Redirection application and set up the service.

Royal Mail cannot redirect mail from an address you share with other organisations where you do not have a dedicated mail delivery.

At the time of going to print we have provided information about mail to the EU based on the Government’s current VAT and customs rules. Depending on the outcome of the UK leaving the EU, these rules may be subject to change. Please keep up to date at

Benefit from the new Royal Mail postage rates 2024 with a franking machine

You can benefit from the latest Royal Mail postage rates 2024, effective as of the 2nd April, with a brand new Mailmark franking machine. A franking machine will allow you to send your mail out at a much cheaper price than if you where using normal postage stamps – allowing for money to be saved each time you frank.