Read on for all the information you might want concerning the Franking Machine Warehouse before you use our services or decide to get a quote.

The Franking Machine warehouse is brought to you by Mailcoms who are a UK Royal Mail authorised franking machine supplier and maintainer. Mailcoms have won the most loved franking machine company award in the UK for 3 years running and have been reviewed positively by hundreds of customers.

The Franking Machine Warehouse currently operates on a nationwide scale within the UK with the ability to provide on a global scale for certain circumstances. The Warehouse is designed for customers in the UK as all machines are Royal Mail authorised or approved.

The sole purpose of the Franking Machine Warehouse before was to ensure that all customers have the ability to personally choose all and any franking machines they might need or want. Rather than being peer pressured into getting a franking machine that you nor your company needs, as is often the case when involving commission paid sales people as all other manufacturers and suppliers operate, we will give you the option on what to purchase, rent or lease. We also have an extensive range of franking machine supplies available for almost all franking machine models.

How does the Franking Machine Warehouse operate?
The Franking Machine Warehouse operates by providing you quotes on the franking machine you want. We will give you a quote on your preferred model as well as two other direct competitor models to ensure that you have that extra bit of choice even after you have decided. Once you have decided on which franking machine is ideal for you by browsing and viewing the quote emails, all you have to do is reply stating which franking machine you would like and we will then process your choice and ensure that you get your franking machine as soon as possible thanks to our national service.
When does the Franking Machine Warehouse send quotes?
We send out our quotes when we have decided which quotes to send. So for instance if you get a quote for the DM60 then we will immediately know that we need to send you quotes for the DM60. We will also send a quote for the Neopost and Mailcoms equivalent, with the Frama or FP Mailing equivalent sometimes also available. Sometimes this process can be quite long especially if you get a specialised franking machine quote for machines such as the DM160i. We will help you decide which machine to choose based on numerous factors. Quotes will be based around machines with similar functionality. We also promise to send you out a quote within 12 hours, with most receiving their quote immediately.