Second Class Royal Mail Postage Rates

Below you will be able to view the most recent Second Class Royal Mail stamp prices, frank prices and Mailmark prices for 2022 / 2023. Compare the Second Class Royal Mail postage rates for 2022 / 2023 and see how much you can save when franking. These are the most up to date second class franking rates and will come into effect on 4th April 2022.

Second Class
Format Weight Stamps Franking Mailmark™
Letter 0-100g 68p 60p 51p
Large Letter 0-100g £1.05 £1.02 93p
101-250g £1.65 £1.40 £1.31
251-500g £2.15 £1.82 £1.73
501-750g £2.70 £2.48 £2.39
Small Parcel 1g-1000g £3.35 £2.85 £2.85
1001-2000g £3.35 £2.85 £2.85
Medium Parcel 0-1000g £5.35 £4.35 £4.35
1001-2000g £5.35 £4.35 £4.35
2001-5000g £6.95 £5.95 £5.95
5001-10000g £6.95 £5.95 £5.95
10001-20000g £10.45 £9.45 £9.45

All prices on these tables are exempt from VAT.

Benefit from the new Royal Mail postage rates 2022 with a franking machine

You can benefit from the latest Royal Mail postage rates 2022, effective as of the 4th April, with a brand new Mailmark franking machine. A franking machine will allow you to send your mail out at a much cheaper price than if you where using normal postage stamps – allowing for money to be saved each time you frank.