About Frama

Frama & Their Franking Machines

Frama are possibly one of the least recognized franking machine manufacturers in the world, as they have not been around for as long as other suppliers. You will however be able to find many positive and negative reviews about them on the internet. This is because Frama have been manufacturing franking machines for over 40 years and they are at the forefront of technology.

For these reasons, they can manufacture very reliable and useful franking machines, either Mailmark or Smart Meter compatible. Here at Franking Machine Warehouse, we can simply bring you the latest high quality products they produce, without having anything to do with Frama.

Frama are ranked four in the world in the franking machine industry, and this is mainly because they have only been manufacturing franking machines since the 1970’s. There headquarters is based in Lauperswil in Switzerland and they operate in over 50 countries worldwide.

They manufacture, develop, assemble and sell their products to the world from their main headquarters in Switzerland, making Frama are highly export-orientated business. It is estimated that about 90-95% of Frama’s profit comes from exporting their goods. With subsidiaries in many countries around the world, including: Belgium, Germany, the UK, India, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa, they are a key player in the franking machine industry.

Frama provide many franking machines to many businesses around the world. There current range of franking machines include:

Frama History

Frama AG as they are referred to in many countries, was founded in 1970 in Lauperswil, Switzerland. However, they had created many franking machines before they officially became Frama AG. The first franking machine released by them was manufactured in 1946 by Rudolf Jost, the owner of Jost AG.

This franking machine was a hand cranked franking machines, and this was followed by the model 12 in 1951. In 1957, Jost AG created the fist electronic franking machine called Model 12 Electronic. In the 1960’s, Werner Haug was supportive to Jost AG, and worked along side him. Unfortunately, for Jost AG, Rudolf Jost died, and the company hit financial difficulties in 1969. This meant the Werner Haug took over Jost AG, and changed the name to Frama AG.

In 1970, the first subsidiary of Frama was created in Germany, as well as the first Frama franking machine called the F70 was also released. By 1974, Frama had expanded and increased its sales. Further subsidiaries were then created over the years, and this is how Frama have became so successful. The Subsidiaries established were:

  • Germany – Frama Germany GmbH – 1970
  • Netherlands – Frama Nederland BV, Gorinchem – 1974
  • Switzerland – Frama Suisse AG, Mägenwil – 1982
  • Belgium – Frama Belgium bvba, Groot-Bijgaarden – 1983
  • Sweden – Svenska Frama AB, Täby – 1985
  • United Kingdom – Frama UK Limited, Hoddesdon – 1989
  • South Africa – Frama (PTY) Ltd., Bryanston – 1993
  • Austria – Frama Austria GmbH, Vienna – 2006

Over the years, Frama decided to expand their business into other leading markets in the mail room industry. They now supply a whole range of mail room products such as Franking Machines, Folding Machines, Folder Inserters, Letter Openers, Scales, Shredders and more. For this reason Frama have become a competitive force in the franking machine industry.