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Neopost are one of the most recognized franking machine manufacturers in the world. They are ranked the number one franking machine manufacturer in Europe and they are ranked number two in the world, just behind Pitney Bowes. You will be able to find many positive and negative reviews about Neopost anywhere on the internet as they are a very popular franking machine manufacturer. This is because they have been manufacturing franking machines for over 85 years and they are at the forefront of technology in the franking machine and other mailroom equipment industries.

For this reason, Neopost can manufacture and supply very reliable and useful franking machines to the world. We have heard that many customers sometimes complain about the level of customer service they receive from Neopost, but here at Franking Machine Warehouse, we can simply bring you the latest, high quality products they produce, without having anything to do with Neopost.

Neopost are now the second largest manufacturers of franking machines in the entire world, behind Pitney Bowes. They are also ranked the number one manufacturer of mailroom equipment and logistics systems in Europe. There headquarters is based in Bagneux in France and they earned a revenue of €965.6 Million in 2010. They currently employ around 5,500 employees worldwide.

Neopost are quite a large force in the franking machine industry and this is why they are the second ranked manufacturer of franking machines in the world. Neopost have more operations occurring around the world, and they have these operations set up in Italy, Brazil, Australia, the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Portugal and many more.

Neopost do not just focus on the manufacturing of franking machines, they also manufacture other mail room products such as Folding Inserting Machines, Letter Openers, Shredders, mailroom furniture and more. For this reason, Neopost have became a strong force in this industry.

Neopost provide many franking machines to many businesses around the world. There most current range of franking machines, all of which are Mailmark compliant, include:

Neopost History

Since Neopost began in 1924, they have been expanding to help them become a world leading manufacturer of franking machines. They have made many acquisitions over the past 80 years to do this, and the history of their growth can be seen below.

  • 1924 – Neopost Limited founded – UK
  • 1929 – SMH, Société des Machines Havas founded – France
  • 1930 – Neopost Acquired by Roneo – UK
  • 1935 – Neopost brand name created – UK
  • 1970 – SMH-Adrex Acquired by C.G.E. – France
  • 1979 – Friden Acquired by C.G.E. – USA
  • 1980 – Roneo & Hadewe Acquired by C.G.E. – UK & Netherlands
  • 1981 – Attached to Alcatel, Subsidiary of C.G.E. – France
  • 1992 – Neopost Group founded
  • 1997 – A Group of investors, advised by BC Partners, took over Neopost
  • 1999 – Neopost was floated on the Premier Marché of Euronext Paris stock market for a price of €15 a share
  • 2002 – Stielow & Hasler Acquired – Germany & Switzerland
  • 2003 – Neopost completed integration of Stielow & Hasler. Stielow’s non-core label printing and print finishing business sold.
  • 2005 – BTA Digital Works Acquired
  • 2006 – “We Value Your Mail” tag line created
  • 2007 – PFE Acquired, a folder-inserter supplier – France
  • 2008 – RENA & NBG-ID Acquired, a addressing systems supplier
  • 2009 – Satori Software Acquired, a postal address quality management tool supplier
  • 2009 – Kontur Documented Systems & Scani Acquired – Sweden & Denmark
  • 2011 – GBC – Fordigraph Acquired, document finishing and mailing solutions supplier – Australia
  • 2012 – GMC Software Technology Acquired
  • 2013 – DMTI Spatial Acquired – Canada