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Pitney Bowes & Their Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes are possibly the most recognized franking machine manufacturers in the world. You will be able to find many positive and negative reviews about them anywhere on the internet as they are very popular. This is because they have been manufacturing franking machine for over 90 years and they are at the forefront of technology for this industry.

For this reason, Pitney Bowes can manufacture very reliable and useful franking machines. We have heard that many customers complain about the level of customer service they sometimes receive, but here at Franking Machine Warehouse, we can simply bring you the latest high quality products they produce, without having anything to do with Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes are now the largest manufacturers of franking machines in the world, and they are ranked the number one supplier. There headquarters is based in Stamford Connecticut in the USA and they earned a revenue of $3.87 Billion in 2013. They currently employ around 16,000 employees worldwide.

Pitney Bowes are a big force in the franking machine industry and this is why they are the number one manufacturer of franking machines in the world. They have more operations occurring around the world, and they have bases set up in Germany, Brazil, the UK, Canada, France, many in the USA and much more.

Pitney Bowes provide many franking machines to many businesses around the world. There current range of franking machines include:

Pitney Bowes History

Pitney Bowes have been manufacturing mail room equipment since 1902, when Arthur Pitney created his first double locking, hand cranked postage stamping machine, along with Eugene A. Rummler. They then went on to create the Pitney Postal Machine Company, and Pitney Bowes was born.

couple of years later in 1908, the Universal Stamping Machine Company was created by Arthur Pitney’s soon to be partner, Walter Bowes. Walter Bowes had been providing people with his stamp cancelling machine to the US postal services. In 1919, due to rapid increase in mail loads, Arthur Pitney met up with Walter Bowes.

after in 1920, both the Pitney Postal Machine Company and the Universal Stamping Machine Company merged to become what we know now as Pitney Bowes. The aim of this merge was to see if a machine could be made that consisted of both Arthur Pitney’s double locking, hand cranked postage stamping machine and Walter Bowes’ stamp cancelling machine.

Since the merge, over 90 years ago, Pitney Bowes have expanded overseas and now provide many mail room equipment to the entire world. Pitney Bowes have decided to expand their product range over the years so they can provide the world with more than just franking machines. They have manufactured many reliable folding inserting machines, franking machines, franking machine supplies and other mail room equipment over the years, and they now provide a entire suite of great mail room products to the world.