Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine

This is the newest heavy duty franking machine by Neopost. Recommended for those sending over 1000 items per day.

Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine Details

The Neopost IS6000c franking machine was released in order to replace the IS5000 & IS6000 franking machine series. The Neopost IS6000c franking machine is the newest heavy duty franking machine from Neopost. It is suitable for any business that franks large volumes of mail every day. It is the perfect machine to handle the smaller loads of mail as well as the large. It uses an automatic feeding and removal system, which can process mail at a top speed of 260 letters per minute.

Neopost IS6000c Franking Speed

Franking Speed

Frank mail at speeds reaching 260 letters per minute with the Neopost IS6000c.

Neopost IS6000c Scale Options

Scale Options

The Neopost IS6000c franking machine comes with a 3 Kg scale as standard. This can be increased to a larger or external scale.

Neopost IS6000c Envelopes


Process DL, C5 & C4 envelopes up to 20mm thick with the IS6000c. Whilst using a automatic feeding system to frank.

Neopost IS6000c Smart Compliant

Mailmark Compliant

The Neopost IS6000c comes with the latest smart meter technology and Royal Mail Mailmark technology as standard.

More Information About The Neopost IS6000c

Neopost IS6000c Features

  • Frank on labels or 20mm thick envelopes.
  • Store postal rates for quick access.
  • Automatic date & time change.
  • Smart blue and VAT reporting ready.

Neopost IS6000c Specifications

  • Speed: 260 Letters per minute
  • Envelope Size: DL, C5 & C4
  • Feed Method: Automatic
  • Dimensions: L: 1500mm, H: 360mm, W: 640mm
  • Scale Option: 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg

Neopost IS6000c Benefits

Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine
  • Never guess or overpay your postage rates ever again. With a option of a integrated 5kg scale, you can calculate exact postage.
  • No more last minute trips down to the Post Office with your very own office IS6000c machine.
  • Instant access to UK and overseas Royal Mail franking prices. At the touch of a button.
  • Keep your postage funds secure with pin code protection on all your accounting or departmental accounts.
  • Capable of printing all current postage rates. For all different envelope and package sizes available.
  • By using Mailmark technology the IS6000c will save you money, it is more convenient & efficient and there are incredible advertisement slogans available.

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