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Franking Machines

We can offer you a low cost franking machine quote for a massive range of franking machine models from different franking machine manufacturers and suppliers. We have a wide range of franking machines from popular manufacturers and suppliers. If you do not want a franking machine quote no fear, we can offer you the latest and most up to date franking machine information whilst offering you low cost franking machine supplies. Simply click on a franking machine manufacturer or supplier or your specific franking machine and see what we can offer your business.

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Frequently Asked Franking Machine Questions?

Before jumping into buying, renting or leasing a franking machine you may want to take a gander at some of the most common franking machine questions that we receive. If you are new to the franking machine industry then you may not be aware of the latest franking technologies, what franking actually is or what a franking machine is. The questions below are here to help you get to terms with franking and how it can benefit your business more than using stamps.

What is a Franking Machine?

A franking machine is a piece of equipment that is used to print a postage impression onto your mail items. It is the alternative method of sending your mail via stamps and comes at a much lower cost. A franking machine will produce something called a franking impression on your mail items and this holds key information about the mail piece, such as weight, price and sometimes where the item has actually come from. In order to use a franking machine you need postage, and this can be downloaded onto the machine via a computer or a LAN and this will pay for sending your mail via a franking impression instead of a stamp. Basically a franking machine prints money which is used to send your mail items, every day.

A franking machine can be situated in your own office area, instead of walking to the Post Office for stamps, and will save you money every time it is used. Whether you use an entry level franking machine such as the Mailstart Plus or a higher volume franking machine such as the Mailbase Speed, this process applies to all machines. You can frank hundreds of thousands of items during one life of a franking machine whilst saving money along the way.

Why Get a Smart Franking Machine?

A smart franking machine is a franking machine that comes with smart meter technology, and they are superior to older, more regular franking machines. All modern franking machines come with smart meter technology as standard and as the name suggests, they are smarter and can tell the difference between your mail items. A smart franking machine comes with many added benefits, and this includes giving your business access to all VAT services & products, franking mail in improved smart blue franking machine ink and allowing you to reclaim any paid VAT. If you use Royal Mail VAT applicable services then a smart franking machine is required as standard.

Why Get a Mailmark Franking Machine?

A Mailmark franking machine is a franking machine that comes with both Smart Meter and Mailmark technologies, and they are very beneficial and superior machines in comparison to any previous types of franking machines. Almost all franking machines available come with Mailmark technology and the reason is because it is the latest industry leading technology available from Royal Mail. A Mailmark franking machine comes with many added benefits and this includes accessing and using much lower franking machine prices, having automatic postage rate updates and franking a new 2D barcode onto your mail items which will help improve the visual side of your mail items. Click here to find out more about Mailmark.

Is franking suitable for my business?

Yes, using a franking machine is suitable for almost all businesses. Unless you very rarely send mail, a franking machine will prove very beneficial for any business. Whether you send 20 items per day or 1000 items per day, there is a franking machine available for you which will help save you money as well as time in your mail room. Frank mail in the comfort of your own office, be more productive and increase the deficiency of your mail room with a franking machine.

Franking Machine Immediate Benefits

 Never guess or overpay your postage rates ever again. With integrated scales you can calculate the postage with almost any franking machine.

 No more last minute trips down to the Post Office are required with your very own franking machine. All day, any day, you can frank mail in the comfort of your own office.

 Quick and instant access to all the UK and overseas Royal Mail franking prices. The latest rates are stored on franking machines and they can be accessed quickly.

 Keep your postage funds safe and secure with PIN code protection on all your departmental accounts. Keep on top of postage expenses and budget each month.

 Save time for your employees with a franking machine. The franking process is quicker to complete than using stamps, allowing staff to be more productive.

 A franking machine is capable of printing all current postage rates onto any mail item. For all different envelope and package sizes, a franking machine is compatible.

 Engage your recipients with your mail by creating engaging and capitalizing advertisement slogans. Personalize your mail and make an instant impact.

 Smart Meter franking technology is available in almost all modern franking machines. This will provide businesses access to all VAT services. Also frank in smart blue ink.

 Save money when franking mail. Every mail item franked will save your business money. With the latest postage rates announced, further savings can be made by users.

 Save even more money for your business with a Mailmark compliant franking machine. Mailmark offers the lowest postage tariffs.

 Mailmark will also produce insignia’s which portray a more professional business image. The traditional frank will be improved with Mailmark.

 With your own franking machine you can eliminate any need to converse with the post office and have a peaceful hassle free coexistence with the Royal Mail.

Your Franking Machine Expectations & Needs

To help you choose the perfect grand spanking new franking machine that’s just perfect for your business, we have prepared categories below which might help you choose and browse better throughout the different franking machines.

Franking Machine Speed Recommendations

We have organised our recommended franking machines below so you can choose the perfect model based on daily mail preparation. View the average speed of the machines both by the minute and on the daily average.

Produce up to 100 prints a day

If you need to send, on average, up to 100 items a day then we propose these franking machines.

Producing 300 prints a day

If you need to send, on average, up to 300 items a day then we propose these franking machines.

Producing up to 700 prints a day

If you need to send, on average, up to 700 items a day then we propose these franking machines.

Producing over 1000 prints a day

If you need to send, on average, up to or over 1000 items a day then we propose these franking machines.